Otsuka Ai (大塚愛) – “LIVE Acoustic” (Unofficial FANMADE album)

This is a fan-made album that is a collection of Ai-chin`s live performances from various concerts where she plays the piano whilst singing. This is an excellent album and I don`t know why Avex didn`t think of this sort of thing too.  A very moving and beautiful album. Highly reccomended for all, not just fans.


Tracklist :
1. 桃ノ花ビラ (Momo no Hanabira)
2. Himawari
3. 甘えんぼ (Amaenbo)
4. しゃぼん玉 (Shabondama)
5. 金魚花火 (Kingyo Hanabi)
6. 大好きだよ。 (Daisuki dayo)
7. フレンズ (Friends)
8. 羽ありたまご (Haneari Tamago)
9. プラネタリウム (Planetarium)
10.恋愛写真 (Renai Shashi)

Link to Album covers: 

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