alüto (Highly Recommended)

Aluto HP:

Aluto is a 2 member band consisting of Fujita Daigo (Vocal & guitar) and Satou Honoka (Chorus & Violin).Fuijita Daigo first began by playing live on the street in 2000. It was not until June 2005 that Satou Honoka became a supporting member and was aluto formed. In May 2006, they were chosen as the new feature artist on Nippon Broadcasted Radio Program where they received consideral exposure and attention. Their first single ‘Michi’ was released on the market in June of the same year.

If you`re a viewer of Naruto Shippuden then there`s a good chance you would have heard their debut song, Michi~to you all which was used as the first ending song for shippuden.

I`ve uploaded a PV for their latest song, Ai ni Te Furete. They are still not a major name in the Jpop scene so it would be very helpful to them if you purchased their CD`s so I`ve added a link to Yesasia. CD japan is another good option too. Enjoy 🙂

Ai ni Te Furete (PV) – download

Latest single- Ai ni Te Furete

2 Responses to “alüto (Highly Recommended)”
  1. abcLOL says:

    yay, more aluto! :] Thanks for sharing.

  2. tomohide says:

    Not a problem mate 😀

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