The first official lineup of the Rock In Japan Festival 2008, which takes place August 1-3 at Ibaraki’s Hitachi Seaside Park, has been announced. Like previous years, there will be 4 concert stages (Grass Stage, Lake Stage, Sound of Forest, and Wing Tent). The festival will announce the timetable and additional artists at a later date.

Day 1: 175R, AIR, Kaela Kimura, GOOD 4 NOTHING, GO!GO!7188, The 50 Kaitenz, Sambomaster, Jinn, STRAIGHTENER, SUNEOHAIR, Sparta Locals, Spitz, TRICERATOPS, B-DASH, FoZZtone, Hoff Dylan, Polysics, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, LUNKHEAD, RYUKYUDISKO

Day 2: asphalt frustration, ART-SCHOOL, UNCHAIN, Elephant Kashimashi, 8otto, Captain Straydum, Kinniku Shojotai, Kazuyoshi Saito, SEAMO, Zunou Keisatsu, SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS, dustbox, tobaccojuice, chatmonchy, Tsubakiya Quartette, the telephones, PUFFY, the HANGOVERS, BIGMAMA, Fujifabric, BRAHMAN, bonobos, MARS EURYTHMICS, monobright

Day 3: APOGEE, Tamio Okuda, Otogibanashi, GRAPEVINE, GOING UNDER GROUND, SNOWKEL, Takeuchi Denki, Tsuru, Dragon Ash, NICO Touches the Walls, Northern19, THE NOVEMBERS, HiGE, People In The Box, Magokoro Brothers, MO’SOME TONEBENDER, YOUR SONG IS GOOD, YO-KING, RIZE

Starting April 17, advance ticket reservations are being done by postcard lottery. The second lineup announcement is scheduled for June 1.



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