Naruto manga 400 scanlation : In Hell

Chapter 400: In Hell

click the link to get it now!


5 Responses to “Naruto manga 400 scanlation : In Hell”
  1. renaye says:

    i almost got heart attack when i saw naruto ch 400 on ur entry. i thought u r going to give spoilers!!! phew luckily not .. if not i would just end up fainting in my office.

  2. renaye says:

    yes i know… i’m a naruto moderate freak …

  3. renaye says:

    i finally catched up on my naruto reading until chapter 412…. ch. 400 and around there is so touching…

  4. narutocursor says:

    Sasuke will probably go to hell. All rivals of Naruto are destined to go there.

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