Chatmonchy – STAFF DIARY 2008-06-20 23:37

STAFF DIARY 2008-06-20 23:37


HOT STUFFのイベントで、スチャダラパーさんと対バンさせて頂きました!

2008-06-20 23:37

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At the HOT STUFF event we were fortunate to be able to perform alongside Schadaraparr!
During the stage appearance they did an impersonation of Schadaraparr and in addition, we even got to do a special collaboration for the encore.

The members were impressed with the kindness of the Schadaraparr guys☆
Thank you very much!
2008-06-20 23:37


2 Responses to “Chatmonchy – STAFF DIARY 2008-06-20 23:37”
  1. Sano says:

    Dude, you rock! I had no idea this blog existed even though I like chatmonchy 😀 Thanks for the translations!

  2. tomohide says:

    No problem mate 😀
    By the way, you may want to check out, a very active Chatmonchy forum. There’s a lot of good stuff there (not just Chatmonchy but Jpop and things Japan-related etc.) and a great community too. I post under the name Modnar. Feel free to join the forum if you wish.

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