Chatmonchy – STAFF DIARY 2008-06-25 00:03 [風吹けば恋 Released Today!]

STAFF DIARY 2008-06-25 00:03

日付が変わって25 日!

初めてのセルフプロデュース「three sheep」
2008-06-25 00:03

user posted image

The date has changed and it’s now the 25th!

Kaze Fuke Ba Koi goes on sale today!
The first time it has been played[Suishin Ryoku/driving force]
First time self produced[three sheep]
;these couplings are new trials and explorations, don’t forget to listen to them too ☆

A bonus pic to celebrate this day; from
user posted image
user posted image

Also, they mentioned on their radio show that they will be at Spain Zaka studios in Shibuya on the 29th from 3pm-4pm for a 1hour special broadcast!! They also mentioned “bring your CD’s” so that could mean those lucky sods who will be there will get their CD’s signed!!!!
Man… Doraemon!! Where are you!? I need your dokodemo door th_088_.gif


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