Chatmonchy – DIARY ENTRY 2008-06-28 16:10

DIARY ENTRY 2008-06-28 16:10



2008-06-28 16:10

A dog came to my veranda

While I was playing my guitar at home I heard a mighty “woof”. Just as I thought perhaps the people next door must have bought a dog, there was a white puppy running around on my veranda. It couldn’t be !
It would appear that the next door people’s dog squeezed under the gap and came over to my place.
Surprised by this sudden event, I felt I had to tell someone so I phoned my mum. Then my mum suggested “It came to listen to your singing Eriko ~”. That was my forever girlish mother.

2008-06-28 16:10


***I want to be that dog…


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