NyakuNyakuNannyo/若若男女 2008 Summer Tour – Chatmonchy`s report

DIARY ENTRY 2008-07-21 22:18

2008-07-21 [橋本絵莉子]






2008-07-21 22:18

It`s only been `till today that I`ve managed to get a little break after the end of the nnn08.

Time what by so quick, so sad. We had many laughs this time too !(lol)
All those who came surely had a good time too. Thank`s.

I noticedsomething this time. That was, with the 10 of us from Chatmonchy, Snowkel, BaseBall Bear, the staff from each respective band and rehearsing, moving together then having the audience there, performing, and doing the opening; I relasied how fun that all was.

Simply meeting and talking with them is enjoyable ofcourse but, having so many people dedicated to making the nnn08 a succesful tour, then having everyone working as one to achieve that goal; within that there`s an unusual enjoyment to be had. The NyakuNyakuNannyo even has the power to put me in the mood to write sentences like these on something that is really obvious.

I intend to do it again next year too.

2008-07-21 22:18

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