Chatmonchy – DIARY ENTRY 2008-08-05 23:13

DIARY ENTRY 2008-08-05 23:13

永遠を誓おう! [福岡晃子]






2008-08-05 23:13

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Pledge eternity ! [Fukuoka Akiko]

At last, the other day was a friend`s wedding. (The girl`s name I shouted out congratulations to on the Budokan first day)

Unfortunatly I had the LIVE on at the time so I couldn`t attend but instead, I was able to make a welcome board for them.

A welcome board is a board displayed at the entrance to a wedding venue.

To be etrusted with such an important task, however I was enthusiastic about it since several months back.

Normally they`re not that interesting so I thought I would make it 3-D and attempted to make it like a pop-out picture book.
That was more enjoyable than I thought it`d be so I got hooked to it.
To the extent that I thought maybe I should become a pop-out picture book author (lol).

Anyways, I`m really glad I could participate in the celebration.
I truly wish you the best.
May you both be forever happy☆


2008-08-05 23:13


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