Naruto Manga Chapter 413: Crash [scanlation]

Chapter 413, the 8-tailed beast reveals itself !!

Heaps of action in this chapter too !

Enjoy it !! *more exclamtion marks for the heck of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download here : Chapter 413

Credits: Sleepyfans scanlations

3 Responses to “Naruto Manga Chapter 413: Crash [scanlation]”
  1. renaye says:

    i basically would not want to see this rapper ~jichan to die. he’s kinda cool.

  2. tomohide says:

    Yea, as weird as this guy may be it`d be sad to see him be killed off

  3. narutocursor says:

    Ohh..the 8-tailed beast will never be a match to the powers of the great Naruto.

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