Otsuka Ai – Otsuka Ai – Kurage, Nagareboshi (PV)

Wow, a very beautiful piece with Ai playing piano set against a mystical atmoshpere (kinda reminds me of kingyo hanabi). Excellent !!

Downlaod the PV here: Kurage, Nagareboshi (PV)

(Credits: Re-uloaded by me)

Single to be released on September 10th, 2008.

    AVCD-31500 ¥1,260
    1. クラゲ、流れ星
    2. H2O
    3. 雨の粒、ワルツ 〜LOVE MUSiC〜
    4. クラゲ、流れ星(Instrumental)
    5. H2O (Instrumental)<CD+DVD>
    AVCD-31499/B ¥1,890
    クラゲ、流れ星(Music clip)

avex will be sending out 4 different versions of the single:

Standard CD Only – AVCD-31500

Standard CD/DVD – AVCD-31499/B

Debut 5th Anniversary Press CD Only – AVCD-31498

Debut 5th Anniversary Press CD/DVD – AVCD-31497/B

All four covers will be different from one another. Anniversary edition comes with a bonus DVD with a music video for “Kurage Nagareboshi.” Set also includes Ai’s comment card and a sticker type-A.

(Otsuka Ai Kurage, Nagareboshi Single Regular Edition)

Official Website


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