Chatmonchy – STAFF DIARY 2008-09-12 22:32

STAFF DIARY 2008-09-11 22:34

詳しくはweb で(by高橋)



2008-09-11 22:34

user posted image

More info on the web(by Takahashi)

To make the real size more apparent I used a comparison.
Kumikon`s really looing at it.
While holding it like this and trying to take a photo, the dango began to slip down the chopstick under it`s own weight.
Heavy !

2008-09-11 22:34

STAFF DIARY 2008-09-12 22:32



2008-09-12 22:32

user posted image

a record of meals

Sometimes in the recording notes there`ll be a record of the meals eaten.
This one is of the other day, when the food was spread out in a line, waiting for meal time.
This was an account of the time according to Y-san.
2008-09-12 22:32

STAFF DIARY 2008-09-13 23:08



2008-09-13 23:08

user posted image

Stuff your mouth full

During interview time we ate bread that was handed out !
With the interview over, we engaged in a friendly chat with the interviewer and promptly got stuck into the food !
Busy engrossed because it was so nice.
2008-09-13 23:08

2 Responses to “Chatmonchy – STAFF DIARY 2008-09-12 22:32”
  1. Yukari says:

    Hi! I’m Japanese girl, casually I found this site.
    I’m sooo glad to find this site, because i LOVE chatmonchy!!!
    and now i’m studying English, the English translations of the diary of chat will be useful to learn lot of expressions.
    C ya!

  2. tomohide says:

    Hey, no problem^^
    Good to see another chatmonchy fan !!
    I`ll keep adding more diary entries since it`s a good way for me to practice my Japanese 🙂

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